May 4, 2010

"New Workout"

First of all I must share my new workout shoes! They were an "I'm so proud of you" gift to myself for finishing boot camp!

I've never bought shoes strictly for working out so that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment! *Go me!*

Anyways, enough about shoes! Given that my last day of boot camp was last Friday, the girls at work and I decided we need to stick with a workout routine so all the hard work we've done doesn't go to waste. So yesterday, we decided to try Total Body Workout. Well, comparing it to boot camp, it really didn't give us the level of workout we needed. So today we decided to try a spin class and absolutely loved it! It was our first time jumping on the spin class bandwagon and it was a lot harder than I imagined. I mean, I knew it would be a good workout - but little did I know we would be *standing* while spinning!! I have to be honest and admit I could only stand for a minute at time. :-| But hopefully with time, I will improve. And I can already feel it in my must be working!

I really want David to start working out with me but it's really hard given his work schedule (which hopefully will change soon). So we decided that at night when he gets off work we will do a "mini boot camp" workout and run. So lastnight, we gave it a shot. And my original theory was "I've been working out for several months and David hasn't worked out in a I should be able to *kick his butt*!" Much to my surprise, that didn't quite happen!! He wasn't even breathing hard!! NOT FAIR!!

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