May 8, 2010

"laundry room makeover - part 1"

Slowly but surely the house is coming along. Today I put this stupid...and complicated...and very user UNfriendly...wire shelf together. BY MYSELF!!! But I finally got it together! *Go Me!* Then I decided to go do a little shopping. I am very excited about my laundry room purchases...I think they go together very nicely!

Love these baskets!! I take after my mother and have a basket issue! I bought these because they were cute AND they were on sale...but I'm not sure exactly what is going to go in them! :)

This will eventually go on the wall when I can get David to put it up. I would try but I'm not a "use a level and make it straight" person. I would just throw it on the wall and it would probably be crooked.

Notice this is "laundry room makeover - part 1" - "part 2" will be posted soon. The tile in laundry room isn't quite finished! :) But I did buy a cute rug that is red, orange and brown! Pics of the rest of the laundry room - or should I say laundry room floor...coming soon!!!

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  1. Butter & TizzyOctober 21, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    Looks really good...can't wait to see the house in it's completed state.