Feb 8, 2011


OMG...I haven't blogged since May of last year!! I promise we're still alive and I promise to be a more loyal blogger from here on out! We have gotten...ok David has gotten...most of the house done. The only rooms left are the master bedroom and bathroom and then we...David... has to build new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Then it will be DONE!! I am so proud of everything that David has done to make our house a home. I am also very proud that I can now contribute to making our house more "homier" (is that a word?) by doing a little interior decorating.

Speaking of decorating, David gave me the best compliment yesterday. I asked him how he liked the way the decorations were coming along (I buy a little at a time so we don't have a lot of decor). His response... "Our house looks like something you'd see walking through Hobby Lobby or Kirklands or somewhere" ... WOW...that made me happy!! Mainly because when I walk through those stores, I always think.. "I wish I could decorate like this." or "My decorations never turn out like theirs do." So to hear him say that was awesome...Thanks honey!!!

Here are some of my favorite decoration pieces. I will be posting some pics of the actual house soon (when I am able to clean the entire house at once and not just move junk from room to room!)

I saw this mirror at Lowe's before the house was even close to being finished and fell in love with it. I didn't buy it until I had a finished place to put it. I figured if they still had it when I had a place for it, then it was meant for me. :) The fun orange candle holders and giraffe candles..I found at Gordmans but didn't buy them at first. After leaving the store, I felt sad because I was leaving without them. But they were about to close so I couldn't go back in. I went back a couple days later and ... JACKPOT ... they were on the clearance rack!! I got all 4 pieces for about 12 bucks!! I added my giraffe Scentsy and some fun picture frames (which I have found a recent love makes me happy to find fun random frames) and this table was done! I want to use this time to thank David for letting me add animal print throughout the house....Thanks Babe! Let me also add that he actually started the animal print theme at a trip to Kirklands in Missouri. He saw a brown zebra print rug and decided to show me because he actually liked it! I will post pics of the rug eventually. :)

A couple more frames...

A girl I work with gave me a silver metal frame that she didn't want anymore. I added paper and some embellishments and turned it into this...

David's mom gave us these plates. When we went to visit them for Thanksgiving, she had two of these in her kitchen. I said how cute they were and I might have to get one because they match our house colors so well. The day we left to come back home, she gave us one of hers!! They match PERFECT!!

Our guest bathroom...

And my newest purchase from Hobby Lobby...

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