Feb 13, 2011

♥ the proposal ♥

Last time I blogged, I said I would get caught up on last year by only blogging about the most important things. Little did I know, a couple days later would be one of the most important and exciting days of my life!! David asked me to marry him!!! I can't even express how excited and happy I am!! He is my best friend and my rock and I am so lucky to be madly in love with him! Ok...enough of the mushy gushy (I've never typed that!) stuff and on to the important stuff that everyone wants to know!!!

David picked me up from work on Friday (he had taken me to work because I'm scared to drive on snowy roads) around 3:45. I usually get off at 4:30 but he was insistent that I just take off early (now I know why). Anyways, he picked me up and said "Ok, are you ready to start your Valentine's Weekend?" Mind you that him and I had previously discussed that we didn't have anything planned for Valentine's Day. He told me that we were going to go to Bricktown and eat dinner and then if I wanted to, we could go to the Melting Pot for dessert. He then said I had one of two choices...that I could get ready at the house or I could pack and get ready at the suite he had gotten at the Skirvin!! The Skirvin is oldest hotel in OKC and is supposedly haunted...I have wanted to stay there forever!! We would be staying in one of the Rotunda Suites...I was soooo excited!

We get home and he had cleaned the entire house and done ALL of the laundry, including folding it AND putting it away! (I LOVE HIM!!) So we packed and headed to the hotel. We get there and had to park in this parking garage that is called the "colored garage" because every floor is painted a different color. We parked on the "pink" floor. Here is our elevator...

And here are some pictures of the outside of our hotel...

We get to our hotel room on the 8th floor (after reading about the hauntings, supposedly the 8th floor is where a hotel maid jumped out of the window with her baby and the story goes that women who stay on the 8th floor can hear baby cries at night and men are supposed to get seduced by the spirit of the maid!!), David opens the door and I walk into this...

He's so sneaky! Apparently, he had been working on this all day!! The first thing I always check out when I get to hotels is the bathroom. This is what I found on the mirror...

Then I follow the rose petals which lead to this...

I am in so much shock and overwhelmed that I don't even know what to say! This was the best surprise ever! Then I saw a picture frame sitting on the nightstand with a rose.

David later told me he really wanted to get Chris Harrison from the Bachelor to come in and say "David, the final rose of the evening" ... but I guess he couldn't get him to come!

He scrapbooked a page for me!!! (He later told me that he had to make 3 trips to Hobby Lobby because he had no idea what he was doing!) I started reading it and realized he had written a poem! I read the first line and then...I noticed this...

I then thought.. "OMG!!! I have to hurry and get to the end! I have to hurry and get to the end!!" By now I'm already in tears because I'm still so overwhelmed about everything! Here's the poem...

**You should be able to click this picture and then zoom if needed**

I don't even remember reading it all! I just remember reading the first line, seeing the ring, and reading the last 4 lines! I turn around and there he is, down on one knee with the ring in a cupcake and said "Will you marry me, Cupcake?"

Of course, I SAID YES!!!!! After the initial tears of happiness, shock and "oooh"ing and "awe"ing over the ring (which by the way I'm still doing!), I called my dad, who had known for a week!! I called my mom and told her. I read her the poem which made her cry which made me cry more. I called my sister who had to go lock herself in the bathroom so she could hear me over Lili and Addy! haha Everyone was so happy! I told my 4 year old niece, Lili, and she didn't say anything. I asked my sister what she was doing and she said that Lili has her hand over her mouth laughing! I can just see her doing this. I called my grandma and told her and after reading her the poem, she cried which made me cry even more. lol David called his parents and they were so excited!

After getting ready for the night, we walked down to the Melting Pot to eat dinner and dessert, then we saw Abuelo's across the street and since we both LOVE mexican, what better way to end the night than with chips and salsa, a Tecate and a margarita!

More pics of the hotel to come...


  1. You just had to write about me locking myself in the bathroom huh?! Well the reason I did that was because you told me you needed 5 minutes of my undivided attention! I HAD to hide! :-)

  2. Yes..I thought you'd like that I added that!! :) hehe

  3. I can understand why your Mom cried! Congratulations! I can't wait to see this Wedding!!!!
    David You did a awesome job on everything.

    Kelly when I read about you going to the bathroom to hide oh my I had flashback of doing the same the bathroom always seemed to my private spot to hide from the kids once inawhile.

    Congrats again and I love you all!

  4. I already posted on this, but don't know where it went. You know how I am on these things. Yes, you made me cry,while I was in Braum's, which I am doing again after reading the poem again.
    Kari I wish you & David a lifetime of Love & happiness.
    Love Mom