May 8, 2010

"laundry room makeover - part 1"

Slowly but surely the house is coming along. Today I put this stupid...and complicated...and very user UNfriendly...wire shelf together. BY MYSELF!!! But I finally got it together! *Go Me!* Then I decided to go do a little shopping. I am very excited about my laundry room purchases...I think they go together very nicely!

Love these baskets!! I take after my mother and have a basket issue! I bought these because they were cute AND they were on sale...but I'm not sure exactly what is going to go in them! :)

This will eventually go on the wall when I can get David to put it up. I would try but I'm not a "use a level and make it straight" person. I would just throw it on the wall and it would probably be crooked.

Notice this is "laundry room makeover - part 1" - "part 2" will be posted soon. The tile in laundry room isn't quite finished! :) But I did buy a cute rug that is red, orange and brown! Pics of the rest of the laundry room - or should I say laundry room floor...coming soon!!!

May 6, 2010

"Got Milk?"

Today I had all intentions of eating good all day...I even took a healthy frozen meal and was going to make pork chops and veggies for dinner. Well....I didn't start out so well! :-( A girl at work brought cookies...chocolate chip cookies...for everyone and well, it would just be rude to decline!! Don't they look yummy???

They were absolutely DELISH!! So what if after eating them I decided to have a cheat day!! (I have so many of those!)

May 5, 2010


Just wanted to share my outfit I bought for the Masters!

May 4, 2010

"New Workout"

First of all I must share my new workout shoes! They were an "I'm so proud of you" gift to myself for finishing boot camp!

I've never bought shoes strictly for working out so that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment! *Go me!*

Anyways, enough about shoes! Given that my last day of boot camp was last Friday, the girls at work and I decided we need to stick with a workout routine so all the hard work we've done doesn't go to waste. So yesterday, we decided to try Total Body Workout. Well, comparing it to boot camp, it really didn't give us the level of workout we needed. So today we decided to try a spin class and absolutely loved it! It was our first time jumping on the spin class bandwagon and it was a lot harder than I imagined. I mean, I knew it would be a good workout - but little did I know we would be *standing* while spinning!! I have to be honest and admit I could only stand for a minute at time. :-| But hopefully with time, I will improve. And I can already feel it in my must be working!

I really want David to start working out with me but it's really hard given his work schedule (which hopefully will change soon). So we decided that at night when he gets off work we will do a "mini boot camp" workout and run. So lastnight, we gave it a shot. And my original theory was "I've been working out for several months and David hasn't worked out in a I should be able to *kick his butt*!" Much to my surprise, that didn't quite happen!! He wasn't even breathing hard!! NOT FAIR!!

May 2, 2010

"Scrapbook Crop....Finally"

I haven't scrapbooked in soo long...I've been having withdrawals!! So yesterday my sister came up and we went to a crop. I found this fun group of girls online that get together once a month at a church and scrapbook...ALL DAY!! I was in *much* need of some serious scrappin' time! We had so much was Cinco de Mayo theme for the food so we had some delicious treats!! David and I have been together for almost a year and sadly I've only done one...yes of the two of us! I am happy to say that we now have a mini album. I was so proud of it! And David really appreciated it as well. He said "You're so creative!" I loved it when he noticed all of the little details!

Apr 30, 2010

"Bootcamp and Roses"

So today was my last day of bootcamp!! I am so excited that I was able to finish it (only missing one day because we were out of town)! Even though the instuctor kicked our butts big time was so worth it! Next month, the girls at work and I are doing the 30 Minute Total Body Workout at lunch so we don't lose all the progress we've made. Then in's the 6a.m. hour long boot camp. What am I thinking?? I just know I'm probably going to pass out! Ok - so anyways...enough of that. For my last day of boot camp, David sent me a dozen red roses with a card saying "congrats on finishing bootcamp" - how sweet is he?!?!

This is probably the sweetest and most thoughtful reason anyone has ever sent me flowers! Now...what will I get after I finish the June Boot Camp??? ;-) Just kidding honey!

Apr 23, 2010

"Thunder Up!"

David and I went to the OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers Playoff Game last night and had a blast! It was the best game so far this season! We've never been so *into* the game as we were last night. It was such a close game but Thunder came out ahead winning it 101-96! The crowd was absolutely crazy...including us. :) I sat next to a really nice older couple that had been to *EVERY* Thunder game! She had so many fun Thunder toys...noise makers, flags, etc. She just kept pulling things out of her purse ~ I swear it was like one of those magic hats! We ate awesome Philly Cheesesteak Fries and had a Diet Coke that we bought in a souvenir cup. They even gave out free Thunder shirts and pom poms to everyone in the crowd! The game didn't get over til after midnight so we were sooo tired and ready to get home and go to bed. Can't wait for the next game we get to go to!


Apr 22, 2010

"Gotta Love Free Stuff!!"

So here are all my free and half off products from Pampered Chef!! Can't wait to use them!!!

* Mix 'n Masher                  * Bamboo Spoon Set
* Bamboo Specialty Set    * Mini Serving Spatula
* Classic Batter Bowl         * Cranberry Deep Dish Baker
* Chipotle Rub                  * Food Chopper
* Muffin Pan                      * Can Strainer
* Tiered Tower                   * Microfiber Towel

Not bad for a catalog show!! I wanna do another one soon...probably around Christmas time!

Well anyways... enough about that! David texted me today and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the NBA Playoff game between OKC Thunder and LA Lakers...OF COURSE I WANT TO GO!!! He got tickets from his the best part is it will be free to go! I'm not the biggest fan of basketball but I still enjoy going to the games just because. AND I talked myself into getting a cute Thunder shirt...I figure we're going to be going to a lot of games so I *NEED* a shirt!! So I guess I'll go shopping after work tomorrow! :)

Apr 20, 2010

"Zumba & Pampered Chef"

Had an awesome workout at the gym tonight..35 minutes on the treadmill, 45 minute Zumba class *LOVE IT*, and 15 minute Ab Attack!! Yes, I know I have officially gone crazy...but I actually ENJOY working out now! Yea for me!!

And this is what I come home to...packages are always nice...but 6 are even better!!!

Now, I'm off to get all these Pampered Chef orders organized and go through all my free goodies that I got for hosting a party!

'Busy Day!"

David and I had a busy day today. David worked on the house all day and got the living room completely painted and trimmed out. When I got home, I was running around doing laundry *where does it all come from??*, cooking dinner...which by the way was DELISH *parmesan crusted chicken and fettucini alfredo*...and cleaning up the house.

After dinner, we decided to go get a dining room light! Doesn't it look fun?!?

Then we came home, I made chocolate chip jumbo muffins (from the box)...mmmmm, and David put up some light fixtures.

After we were done with the house stuff, David ever so graciously helped me with this blog. He is so good at Photoshop and HTML...he rocks!! After tonight, hopefully we can have a nice relaxing night tomorrow night and just enjoy each other's company!

Apr 17, 2010

"Welcome to OurSpace"

Welcome to "OurSpace" - that's our little joke because David and I met on MySpace - for those of you that didn't know! Hopefully this will keep our friends and families up to date with our life since both of us live away from our families. We are really excited to start this blog however it will be a learning experience because neither one of us have done one before!!